Kathisma – Villas Eltheo


It’s not easy to stand out when it comes to beaches on Lefkada. But Kathisma, a glorious stretch of sand and fine pebbles on the island’s west coast, routinely ranks No.1 amongst its visitors. It’s not just the magical blue of the Ionian Sea, or the great vibe from the beach bars and water sports. Or even the sight of the paragliders, who launch from the green mountain backdrop and arc overhead before settling on the beach. It’s all of that together. Kathisma is where wild beauty goes to get a cosmopolitan upgrade.

Just the drive here will put you in the mood, with all that mountain greenery and the sleepy villages that Lefkada offers so generously. And as for that first sight of the beach – a panoramic swathe of beige and blue, with all the facilities you could ask for. Magical!

The beach is more than 1km long, so there are quieter spots for something more personal towards the ends and even a cave you can explore. Something for everyone, whether you’re a family, couple or group of friends.

And if you spend the day here, you’re in for another treat. Looking west, Kathisma offers the most beautiful sunsets.


Source: https://www.discovergreece.com/experiences/kathisma-beach-lefkada